Cirrus 2 White Cloud Cigarettes Review

White Cloud Cigarette, producers of the White Cloud E Cigarette, thrives on its honest reputation and clear representation of their products. From my experience the White Cloud Cigarettes rank in the Top Five best e cigarettes on the market today. There are a lot of junk e cigarettes on the market, some with weak vapor delivery others with faulty atomizers. Don’t let a less than adequate e smoke ruin your e cigarette experience all together.

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When you visit the official website you will get what they guarantee, a high quality e cigarette with the option to purchase a 2 year warranty. The warranty gives you access to a replacement battery during the second year of the purchase should your battery fail. The new and improved battery is now more compact and lighter in weight making the White Cloud Cigarette comparable to the feel of a traditional cigarette. In fact it’s the lightest e cig of its size I have tried.The White Cloud Cigarette is 2-piece delivery system. I have grown to enjoy the piece e cigarette design because of its simplicity and flexibility. In comparing the replaceable cartridge with built in atomizer system to the e-liquid refill system I have found the e-liquid systems to be messy and inconsistent. The cartridge with atomizer built-in is the best way to go. Previous e cigarette designs incorporated an internal atomizer. These atomizers have been known to fail frequently and have had frustrated customers buying expensive replacement atomizers. I’ve been using the White Cloud Cigarette’s Cirrus II for a week now and every flavor has had a consistent and fresh vapor delivery and taste through the whole cartridge. The White Cloud Cartridges last much longer than expected delivering at least 100 puffs more than most other systems I have tried. I still can’t get over the this vapor smoke either, it really looks like smoke!

I have had several friends looking for an e-smoke that offers a clove flavor. Finally with White cloud you can get a flavor comparable to the tradition clove cigarette. Clove cigarettes are harsher on the lungs than regular tobacco cigarettes, so having a vapor option clove flavor can reduce health risks considerably.

White Cloud Cigarettes offers an excellent variety of flavors to enhance your vaporizing experience. Of the Flavors offered I have tried Chocolate, Vanilla, Tobacco and Espresso. The Tobacco was a mild blend of flavor which I would compare to the flavor of the regular tobacco cigarettes I used to smoke. The Vanilla was sweet, but not too sweet, with a pleasant hint of vanilla. The Chocolate flavor cartridge reminded me of a smooth dark chocolate. Espresso was spot on as I am very picky about my coffee. I only purchase fresh ground top quality bean coffee and this flavor was very satisfactory showing me that White Cloud Cigarettes spent the time to get this flavor accurate and pleasurable.

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Here is the the key used to indicate strength and flavor of your SimpleSmoke cartridge.

  • X = Extra Strength
  • F = Full Strength
  • L = Light
  • UL = Ultra-Light
  • NF = Nicotine Free
  • R = Regular (Tobacco) Flavor
  • E = Espresso
  • C = Chocolate
  • V = Vanilla
  • M = Menthol
  • CL= Clove

White Cloud Cigarettes claims that the battery life of the Cirrus II is 7.5 hours per charge. At first I thought this was an exaggeration as many e-cig companies do, but to my surprise, after using the Cirrus II for a period of time I found that the claims were true. The White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus II in fact holds a charge for 6.5 to 7.5 hours. With a battery capacity as stated you can vaporize all day without interruption just as you would smoke a pack of regular cigarettes.

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The White Cloud Cigarettes Cirrus II really delivers in every way. It is simple to use, charges quickly, only 50 minutes, and has a variety of very pleasant flavors. The Vapor, of the Cirrus II, is thick and smoke like. This system puts off very little odor so it won’t bother anyone around you. The new light weight design is easy to hold and fits comfortably between your fingers. This is a “Top Notch E Cigarette”. Don’t settle for a knock off or look alike e-smoke that will have you continually buying expensive replacement parts. White Cloud stands by their product, the Cirrus II, with pride and guarantees its functionality or they will replace the system for up to two years when you get their warranty.

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