Top 3 E Cigarette Reviews

e cigarette reviews

  “E cigarettes- An Alternative to Traditional Cigarettes But which is the Best e cigarette for you?”

With more and more places banning cigarettes and research constantly telling people that tobacco products are dangerous, people like you and me are constantly looking for a better alternative.


Electronic cigarettes offered people the chance to give up all the dangerous aspects of cigarettes without missing your smoking ritual. We don’t need more reasons than that! And because the market is growing at such a fast pace, there is plenty of competition to be had. This is great for people who are hoping to invest in an e cigarette because you have plenty of options to choose from, but that also means you’ll need to do your research to make sure that you find the perfect kit for your smoking style.

Competition Entered the Market

The more success the market sees, the more variation you are going to see in the brands available in the market.

  • As long as e cigarettes continue to show a high amount of profit, there is going to be an increasing amount of companies offering products to customers.

  • There are some brands that have been established in the e cigarette market for years, commanding attention from those that have smoked for years and those that are trying out the product for the very first time.

  • There are plenty of big companies in the e cig market, but there are plenty of smaller companies in the market as well.

There are new brands popping up every day to reach out to the varying aspects of the smoker’s market.

The good news is….

If you are looking for something very specific, there is a brand out there that will have what you are hoping for.

The bad news is…

You need the tools to help you figure out where to look and what to look for.

And Some Turned Out to Be Scammed

Like any market, there are some businesses that sell e cigarettes and claim to offer a great product when they are actually selling something cheap for an overinflated price.

  • Some companies are well known because they put out a bunch of advertising. This gives them a high reputation that might not be deserved.

  • These companies would rather spend their resources on creating an ad campaign than on creating a product that works well and keeps customers satisfied.

It can be hard to tell which brands are charging more for their products because you will get more for the money and which are simply inflating the price to get more money in their own pockets.


It can be frustrating to think that you might put a lot of money into something only to find out that you were tricked by a scam.

Why Should You Bother?

You may have heard about these from a friend who has been using them to quit smoking, but that doesn’t mean you have a clear idea about which brands would be worth trusting to get a kit for yourself.

  • We focus on bringing you all of the information you need to purchase an e cig kit with confidence.

  • To make sure that you won’t be led astray, we only offer reviews from the top brands in the market that are worth investing in.

  • Every brand on our list has been highly rated for customer satisfaction. People can count on this company to provide exactly what they claim every time they make an order. There’s consistency with every order that you can count on.

  • The brands we review also have a high reputation for repeat business. This company is not growing because ad campaigns are drawing in new people but because people who tried the product are coming back for more.

But, which e cigarette brand should you chooseWell, at the end of the day that will depend on your budget, preferences and personal taste.( it does for most of us, accept it or not)

This is why we endeavor to offering unbiased reviews on all the top e cigarette brands on the market today.

Let’s face it, you’re here because you are hoping to switch brands or try e cigarettes for the first time and reviews are a great way to get a feel for what you can expect from an e cigarette brand.


To get started, take your time browsing through the reviews listed below to get a feel for what brand might suit you the best.


If you make a decision that has been well thought out you can’t go wrong. Plus you deserve to know what to expect from what you plan on buying.

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to the reviews section below and find what suits you the best!

These 3 Top E Cigarette Brands Are Awesome! Forget about all the rest!

#1.  V2 Cigs E Cigarette rated Best Electronic Cigarette – Read the full V2 Cigs Review

Click picture below to go directly to their site.
V2 Cigs

#2.  White Cloud Cigarettes the Lightest Weight E Cigarette – Read the full White Cloud Cigarettes Review

Click picture below to go directly to their site.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes


#3.  Green Smoke is another popular brand that mimics the look of a real cigarette very well. Good flavors and thick vapor – Read the full Green Smoke Review

Click picture below to go directly to their site.

Green Smoke E Cigarettes

E Cigarette Reviews – What You Should Look Out For:

Step into any convenience store, look behind the counter, and you’ll find such an overwhelming selection of cigarettes, it’s no wonder most smokers stick to one or two familiar brands. The variations on the same product cater to a multitude of preferences in regards to taste and flavor, smoking duration and aesthetic qualities. You can opt for organic, additive free tobacco, visit a specialty shop for a high-end cigarette, or blow your last couple of bucks on the cheapest pack of stogies on the shelf.

For all the choices available, there are even more types of smokers; heavy, light, social, “only when I drink”, those who are addicted to nicotine, and those who have the oral fixation. And for all the types of smokers, well, there’s an absolute potpourri of reasons to quit. Fortunately for quitters, the multiplicity of options doesn’t stop there.

Though relatively new to the market, electronic cigarettes have already risen to the challenge of meeting the demands of a diverse smoking community, making “the next best thing” even better. Like the real thing, e-cigarettes are all similar at a base level – they’re comprised of a filter-sized cartridge containing water(and propylene/vegetable glycol which is used in many foods and fog machines), nicotine, and an optional selection of flavors, and this cartridge screws into a cylindrical, rechargeable battery, mimicking the appearance of a real cigarette.

However, unlike real cigarettes, which the worst case scenario in experimenting with a new brand is that you’ll throw a few dollars down the drain on a pack you can’t stand, an e-cigarette is a purchase generally in excess of $100. In light of this, it’s a wise decision to do thorough research before buying – and so, for your benefit we’ve listed our top 3 choices of electronic cigarettes to help guide you towards your new brand.

Like many other things not all e cigarettes are the same and that is why it is important to familiarize yourself with a few e cigarette reviews so that you know what works and what doesn’t.

My first exposure to e cigarettes was a few years ago when my son brought me some back from an overseas trip, and let me tell you they were just horrible. From memory they havn’t been on the market long and frankly I wasn’t tempted to try them again for a long time. But late last year I was part of a forum where one of the members mentioned being a long time smoker who had recently changed to vaporizing (another word for e cigarette smoking) and he had been very impressed.

So I decided to do a bit of research and read a few e cigarette reviews before making up my mind. Well I am so glad I did, and four months down the track I can share that this is the best decision I have made in terms of improving my health and saving quite a few dollars, given I was a pack a day smoker.

I bought a starterkits pack which contained a battery, 4 cartridges and a USB charger for the battery which I can plug into my computer. The battery took about four hours to charge up and once I screwed in the cartridge I was set to go.

The best thing for me was that I still felt as if I was smoking, I could hold the e cigarette, puff out smoke (vapor) when I exhaled and even the tip lit up as if it was a real cigarette. I know it’s not real but it certainly feels that way.

I thought I might have a problem if my battery ran out whilst I was away from home so I bought a spare, so that I wouldn’t be caught out. The battery holds its charge for quite a long time and can last all day, but of course that depends on how frequently you use it.

The cartridges usually equate to a twenty pack of cigarettes but for only a fraction of the cost, so that a huge saving for someone like me, who smoked a pack a day. You might need to experiment a bit before you find the flavors that you like best. But remember they are all nicotine and chemical free.

On the positive side I find after four months that I am feeling better, don’t have that continually croaky voice, and don’t have to hide my habit from friends and family. Since there are no chemicals or toxins being emitted.

I found the transition to e cigarettes surprisingly easy but would recommend that you research and read a few e cigarette reviews prior to purchasing. There are still a lot of cheap and nasty products on the market.

When all is said and done if you have finally decided you want to stop smoking, obviously you are not going to continue if you aren’t enjoying the flavor or taste from the cartridge or it isn’t lasting as long as it should. So read those e cigarette reviews carefully first.

23 comments on “Top 3 E Cigarette Reviews
  1. Robert Coontz says:

    I am also a pack a day smoker and want to quit so bad after an almost 40 year habit. I can feel the effects of smoking and it scares me to the point i know I must quit. Do you work for the company, or are you actually unbiased about the brands. This is an important step for me and I want it to be beneficial. I will need to be satisfied as if I were smoking a real cig. I smoke Ultra lights, a transition from Marlboro reds. That in itself is quite a transition in itself. I need all the gusto in order to be satisfied. Can you help me decide?

    • Brian says:

      I have tried all three of these brands along with many others over the past 3 years since I have been using the e cigarette. Smoking or actually “vaping” with e cigarettes is the closest to the real thing you can find but it is still slightly different and most beginners will probably take a week or so to fully switch or adjust to the difference. The Marlboro’s I used to smoke have so many additives that with just the nicotine without the additives feels a bit different with e cigarettes. But it definitely solved my craving issues. I hardly use my e cigs much anymore except when being social with other smokers/vaper friends of mine. I don’t work for these companies nor do I even communicate with them except for re-orders of cartridges on occasion, however they do give me referral commission for the folks I refer to them. This isn’t my motivation for informing others bout e cigs, it helps keep my website going and I plan to keep updating with more reviews in the near future. I also don’t favor any particular brand, just the ones that worked the best for me. I plan to share some of the negative experiences I have had with some brands soon too. For you since you already cut back on your nicotine level going with ultra light cigarettes, I recommend trying the lowest nicotine level when you order to compare with your current intake. Then when your ready you can even go to 0 nicotine cartridges which all 3 of these companies provide as well. Hope this helps some and Good Luck!

    • Diane McCarter says:

      I do not work for any one, just a former smoker. Health scare stopped me in my tracks but I needed more, to be able to be around anything breathing. I can’t recommend one brand over another but I can tell you, I did quit after around 40 years of a bad habit. I started with that nicotine gum, do not use that. My hair fell out, lol…..I was also very sick but that is but one of the side effects of the nicotine gum. The e cig helped me quit and I’m approaching my third year as a non smoker. I still hold on to the e cig, ridiculous, absolutely, none the less, it works. I first bought one of the more expensive ones, think the name was Blu….not positive… choice Metro Nicotek much cheaper but neither one “feels” right. When I decided to look for something better, I got sick again and haven’t been able yet, to go out and actively search. If you are a heavy smoker over a pack a day, you probably need to start with the full strength. I always smoked menthol lights so I went that way with the ecig. After a few weeks I decided to wean off the nicotine all together. I next got the same brand, with 0 nicotine. Still use that sporadically, even after almost three years. I don’t have to have it but I do like to have it, reminds me of a child with a pacifier. Cigarettes are a beast to give up, at least it was for me. I’m still trying to find something that is lighter and comes with a package you can use to store the cigs in. I’ve lost so many and you must have at least two, chargers and being able to order on line. Good luck!

  2. Robert Coontz says:

    Thanks for your response. I want a hit similar to a real smoke. Can you point me in the direction of a good brand. Which one did you settle on with smoking satisfaction? I have been reviewing and in my area the brands I have found so far are Blu, and Totally Wicked. I am sure there are others but those are the ones I have found so far. I know you are wanting to lead me toward your benefit, and I can appreciate that, but I truly need help. Can you at least tell me some brands to stay away from?

    • Brian says:

      Iv’e heard of Totally Wicked but never tried them. I didn’t have much luck with Blu but I haven’t tried them for over a year and now I think(hope) they have newer products now. V2 Cigs might suit you with the button control on those specific batteries they have. You can figure out for adjusting the amount of vapor manually each drag by holding the button down however long you like. I like a lot of vapor because it feels more like regular smoking, you even feel the heat of it kinda like a burning cigarette would. I didn’t like the EverSmoke brand much for their flavors they seemed chalky like breathing next to one of those fog machines. I suggest staying away from most 3-piece designed e cigs as well as anything that is some sort of free trial offer, they are usually junk and they charge you full price unless you cancel on some, so be sure to read their fine print. Smoke 51 sucked they charged my credit card 2 times after I told them to cancel the automated shipping I didn’t even realize I signed up for not to mention leaky cartridges or just completely dry ones too often.

    • Rick says:

      Hey Robert, not to step on Brian’s toes here – he clearly knows more than I do – but just to give you my two cents: I’ve been smoking for almost 20 years now, and I just tried my first e-cig yesterday. I’ve got it right here as I’m typing this, actually. It’s one of those cheapo disposables from NJOY. I’ve never had anything else, and I’m not a shill for NJOY, but I do have to say it’s really turned my head. If you want to try an e-cig without dropping a roll of 20’s for the privilege, give the NJOY King disposable a shot. The Walgreen’s I went to had them in regular and menthol, and were about $8 each at the time. That’s still not too cheap, but it’s cheap enough if you’re interested in trying it out. I bet you’ll like it. And then, if you want to, you can step up to one of the big kits, where you drop a bunch of money at first, but then it comes out cheaper over the course of a month or two. Everybody says V2 is the best.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Robert, I am 46 years old, have been smoking since I was 11. I smoked 1 1/2 packs of Winston 100’s a day. I tried the vapor cigs with tobacco flavor first and I hated it. Went right back to my “real cigarettes”. A friend of mine introduced the flavored vapor to me and I love it. It is BETTER than my real cigarettes and I am well on my way to quitting after just one day. Good luck and don’t give up.

  4. martha says:

    Hello, I have a question for those who smoke MARLBORO. Which is the closest best “fake cigarret” that is similar to the taste. I’m not a smoker but my dad is 🙁 hes been smoking for more than 50 years. He smokes about a pack a day and he stresses out a lot so that doesnt help. Any ways ive been reading some stories about these v-cigarrets or e-cigarrets that have helped people quit or even reduce on smoking. I would like to buy one of these but not sure which on to pick. He smokes the reg marlboro – white/red box. So my question is for those who also smoke the reg marlboro which one of the “fake cigarretes helped yo

    • Sharon says:


      I’ve been smoking Marlboro lights for years. I bought a V2 ecig and got the red flavor (supposed to be like marlboro light) and the congress (blue and supposed to be like parliament light). My friend (who also smokes Marlboro) liked the red but hated the powdery taste of the blue. Just make sure it has the right level of nicotene. I used light – but someone who smokes Marlboro red probably needs to start with a full or heavier level (18g).

      Hope this helps.

      • Sharon says:

        BTW I also really liked the red and I haven’t even wanted a real cigarette. When I get stressed, the puffing on it like you would a reg cigarette does the trick. Its not 100% like a cigarette but if your dad really wants to quit, it can work. Plus, no smell, no ash, no standing outside in the rain, great in the car…..

    • Debra Craft says:

      My husband and I both smoked Marlboro red’s full flavor for over 30 years. We both quit smoking Marlboro cigarettes by using V2 Cigs. The cartridges we use are Cowboy red medium or 12 mg. I would suggest your Dad try the same. Electronic cartridges taste a little stronger. Also our son quit smoking as well using V2 Cigs. We all have been ciagrette FREE for 22 months now.

  5. Patty says:

    Robert i also smoked for almost 40 years. I have been using V2 for 2 months and have not had a real cig since. Totally painless transition. I also have a Halo that I think is just as good as V2. The Halo juices are the best. Try it……you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to switch. I even converted my son and neice. My only “problem” is that i can’t resist ordering lots of juice from top rated vendors. I can’t live without Blue Honey from Vape Dudes. And no I am not affiliated with any e cig companies. The real things were killing me so i did lots of research and made the switch.
    Vape On!!

  6. Cbanks2 says:

    I just want to know if anyone has found an e-cig that tastes like a kool. Something that is similar to a newport would even work. Let me know if there is one out there that is even close.

  7. Kevin says:

    Pack a day Marlboro red smoker here for 35 years. I’ve been wanting to quit for several years now but just never made it more than a day. Well lately I can hear some wheezing and always clearing my throat and decided I have to quit. On Monday I went to the store and bought a Blu e cig (disposable) strongest they had and took a hit and was amazed at the satisfaction I got in the lungs. I toked on it all day and never really had a craving for a real smoke. I told myself, each day I can have a real cig first thing in the morning and one b4 bed and that’s exactly what I’ve done. Those cravings I used to get are not there much at all. I’m amazed at how well these things work. I just ordered and received the white cloud flings (disposable) and they rock. I got the XXstrength regular flavored one’s and they give you a major hit. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the rechargeable E Cigs don’t give you the hit you need for a smoker. I’m not sure if that’s true or not but the one I had before was like sucking air so I’m really satisfied with these disposable ones.

    If there are any rechargeable one’s out there that give that deep strong kick when vaping please let me know. In the long run I’m sure it’s cheaper than these disposable one’s but I’m more concerned about getting off real cigs than I am about saving money. Money isn’t an issue but getting off cancer sticks is.

    • Jackson says:

      I’ll recommend the v2 cigs if you’re looking for rechargeable batteries. I suggest just looking at the site and picking up a starter kit. I started getting em last month and haven’t had a real cigarette since about May 10(Huzzah for me, right? 🙂

      As for the flavor, try a variety to see what you like. I got the Red flavor because I smoked Marlboro 27s and figured they were the closest to it. The flavor is definitely different, but it’s grown on me and I find I enjoy it quite a lot. And surprisingly the Cola flavored ones are really good too; they taste like those gummy cola bottles they used to sell(they may still sell em, I have no clue)

  8. Bud Wysor says:

    I have smoked 2 packs of Marlboro a day since 1965 (13 years old). My kids gave me the V2cigs for father’s day and I haven’t had a real cigarette since. The V2 Red came with the kit so that is all I have tried. I’m working my way down to the lowest or “0” as soon as I can but these are great. I’ve got to stop, thanks to your reviews my kids got me V2 for father’s day and it’s the best present ever!

  9. Leannah says:

    I would like to switch and my fiancé’ is urging the same I’m a menthol smoker prefer kool 1oo’s what would you suggest????

    • Tony says:

      Menthol smoker here; started vaping seriously for a month now and am well on my way to quitting. I currently use 21st Century simply because they are readily available at my nearest gas station but I’m looking at trying another brand. Can someone here attest to v2?

      • Rose says:

        30 Year menthol smoker here. V2 is by far the best that I have tried. I have not had a tobacco cig since last September. I didn’t tell myself that I was quitting, I told myself that I was changing brands. I have tried several different kinds of e-cig and different flavors but my favorite remains the menthol. Started with the 1.8 and am now using the 1.2. Hope this helps you.

  10. Best Electronic Cigarette says:

    Nice list will definitely buy one out of them for sure 😀

  11. Frank says:

    Like many of you I’ve been smoking too long and feeling the negative effects. I came here hoping to find a good product. While I can’t advise you on what to buy I can tell you stay away from a brand called Elite E Cigs-rechargable. What a POS! these have no flavor at all, you get a very light hit of vapor at best and I never felt satisfied with this e cig. Don’t waste your money-try something else.

  12. georgia says:

    I have smoked for 21 years, started when i was 18. Its only been 10 days but i was very sick with a bronchitis and i couldnt smoke a cigarrette, i had bought a E-cig a year ago when i had tried to quit smoking before and never really used it, i liked the real things, plus my dad lives w/me and it was hard to quit w/another person smoking. Anyways, i was sick and pulled out the E-cig i had bought figured i would just use it until i could smoke again..well, after 3 days, i liked the E-cig so much more that i decided that i may as well just quit the real ones. I went and bought some E-juice (strawberry) and put some drops in. I also learned how to properly smoke it..i was trying to inhale like a cigarrette, and w/the one i got, i learned to take smaller puffs to where i could feel the heat and it was a HUGE difference. It has been 10 days now and i have no desire to smoke a real one. I even went from 18mg down to 12 and i plan on going down to 5mg this week. I got a cheaper one, called vapcig, it was only $20 at my local smoke shop. It charges using a USB port and i love it. It has lots of vapor and the charge lasts all day if your not a heavy smoker. The ejuice i used is lush vapor..they have over 30 different flavors..i plan on getting mango next!!!

  13. Perry says:

    I tried Blu, V2 & NJoy – did not really like any of them. I then tried Green Smoke and liked them better. I tried every flavor except clove. I finally settled on Smooth Chocolate 2.4% strong.
    Just a hint of chocolate – not over powering and pretty good flavor – does not taste fake or chalky. Gives a good hit in the throat just like a real smoke. I have been using Green Smoke since April 2013 and have not smoked a “real” cig since then. About 3 weeks ago my cart ran dry and i did not have another with me, so I asked one of my co-workers for a cig. He smokes Marlboro red. I took 2 drags off it and threw it away – I hated it, so I dont think I will ever go back to real cigs. The Green Smoke carts ( cartomizers) have been consistant with not a single bad one so far. I estimate I have smoked about 120 carts so far. Their customer service is also top notch. They also have a recycle program and you send in 80 empty carts and get 5 back for free – they even pay all the shipping each way. All I can say is I have smoked for 44 years and the green Smoke worked for me – I hope anybody who might try them based on my review will have the results I have had.

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