V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoking used to be socially acceptable, in restaurants, stores, in planes, trains and in the theater. Nobody would bat an eye at a smoker back then. People didn’t realize that inhaling tobacco smoke meant exposing their lungs to thousands – that’s right, thousands – of chemicals, dozens of which are carcinogenic. Yuck. Even doctors promoted their favorite brands!

What is in tobacco cigarettes?

Today, smoking is discouraged. Scary warning labels (I found them kind of hard to ignore); fewer public places to smoke in. And I’ll admit that I never really enjoyed having my hands, clothes and furniture stink of tobacco smoke.

I quit smoking, but probably not how you think. A few months ago, I was introduced to electronic cigarettes. For anyone who doesn’t know, electronic cigarettes, even though they look like the real thing, don’t burn tobacco. Instead, they heat up a cartridge containing nicotine and flavor, that creates a much safer, inhale-able vapor, without the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

There are a lot of e-cig brands to choose from, but I took the time to read as many review as I could, and finally settled on what sounded like one of the best: V2 electronic cigarettes. I’d like to share my experience with them, and pass on a 15 percent discount code at the end of this review.

They say first impressions count, and V2 Cigs made a good one on me with their customer service. They took the time to answer all my questions, shipped fast (I hate waiting for new stuff to arrive) and were super helpful the whole way through.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarette

V2’s electronic cigarettes are nicely packaged, pleasant to look at and feel reassuringly familiar in the hand. But looks aren’t everything. What was using them like?

Remember, switching over from normal cigarettes to these means no more burning. At the same time, there’s something satisfying about inhaling a rich cloud of smoke, and I was a bit afraid that the electronic version would be more like inhaling air. I’m so glad I was wrong. V2 electronic cigarettes create thick vapor. You could cut this stuff with a knife and it makes huge clouds when you exhale. I love it. V2 has a reputation for copious, high quality vapor, and it’s well deserved.

Okay, but what do they taste like? What do you want them to taste like? V2 Cigs offers a lot of flavors. When I first started using them, I went with their

traditional tobacco-flavored cartridges, which reminded me of the taste of regular cigarettes, to help me transition over. Out of the three, I’d say it’s a

close match between the American Tobacco and Turkish Tobacco flavors –

not so crazy about the Refined Tobacco, but that’s just me. I’m a bit of a

traditionalist, so the other cartridges I really enjoy are Coffee and Chocolate

(just like dark beer and spirits, these tastes appeal to someone who’s used to rich-tasting smoke). But really, none of V2’s flavors are bad. I think there’s

something for everyone (three kinds of Mint, as well as Cherry and Vanilla,

plus my favorites that I listed above.)

V2 Cigs Batteries

Now, electronic cigarettes work…wait for it…electronically. They create vapor by heating the contents of the cartridges with a battery, and if an e-cig’s battery dies, it’s useless. I’m really happy with the battery V2 uses – there’s only so much I can write about it, which in this case is that it’s very long lasting. I’ve never been caught out with a dead battery, even when I’m away all day. Depending on how much you smoke vaporize, you might be able to get away with not even recharging every day, but it’s no hassle to plug the adapter in overnight. If I’m on the road, I just use the car adapter kit. V2’s actually got a really sweet portable charging case on their site that can charge a battery up to eight times without plugging it in.

Now nearly three months into it, I can say I have zero regrets about switching to V2 electronic cigarettes. They’re economical, enjoyable, easy to use, satisfying, and just as importantly, I feel (and smell, ha ha) so much better. Oh – before you check them out here www.v2cigs.com – don’t forget the discount code I promised. Actually, there are two: “flavor” gives you 10% off anything and “flavor15” gets you 15% off any starter kit. If I had to recommend one, I’d say go with one of the starter kits, because it already has everything you’ll need. I hope this helps.Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this V2 Cigs review!

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5 comments on “V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review
  1. Chris says:

    Can i add differant flavor nicotine?

  2. Brian says:

    Sure, V2 Cigs even sells the blank(empty) cartridges and e-liquids to re-fill yourself.

  3. James says:

    V2 has a large selection of their own flavors. They come in pre-filled, ready to go cartridges, but they vials of liquid and 2 different types of blank cartridges that you fill yourself. So if you’ve found another brand whose batteries and blank cartridges you like, you can use V2’s liquid with it. Or, if you’ve found another brand whose liquid you like, you can use it with V2’s cartridges and batteries.

  4. Faith Norman says:

    I was wondering what stores you can buy the refills in? Because if I run out I don’t want to wait 7 days to get refills. I would start smoking again in that period of time. I live outside of Pike County, KY. The only E-cigs that I have seen are the Blue and a few others, but I haven’t heard of this brand in my area. I’m very interested in trying these because you have more options with these.

    • Brian says:

      Your not likely to find refills for these in stores although some tobacco sellers will carry disposable brands usually for one time use and a bit pricey. I recommend figuring how much you will need to order within plenty of time before running out of what you currently would have. I made that mistake in the beginning myself and cheated for 4-5 days with regular cigs. Now I have so many different liquids and flavors, haha I keep having to try different ones. I haven’t used Blu e cigarette in over a year, they had a couple flavors I liked, cherry and vanilla, but the carts didn’t last very long, some not at all, then battery failure way too soon. V2 Cigs vs. Blu was like night and day difference to me.

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